Apologies and Discussion…

First off I want to apologize for not writing much at all lately….I’ve been TDY and it’s hard to find time and computers to work on around here….

I hope to continue the series on How to Love Your Veteran/Spouse as soona s possible.. but for today since I’m short on time I thought I’d get a little discussion started…please feel free to comment and participate!


Fourth of July is coming up in a couple days…what kind of struggles do you and your family face?

Also, when you are ever separated from your veteran/military spouse….what are some of the struggles you face?



These are pretty vauge I know…all discussion is welcome!


4 thoughts on “Apologies and Discussion…

  1. Glad to hear from you. We are spending this Fourth as a family with people we love. We are gratefully for the ability to be together and always pray for those who are not with us.

  2. My veteran has his days like many others. Waking up in a puddle of sweat, parinoid of every movement and sound…. ect. When the 4th of July hits he does not sleep well if any. The sounds of fireworks while he is sleeping makes him dive for cover at times or lash out in his sleep (usually contacting with my body at times). He tries so hard to be strong for our three children when they want to see fireworks but I notice the sense of anticipation and the small jolt he has as each boom happens. I love my veteran dearly and I know a lot of people cannot see why I stay with a man that can have random outbursts and go through funks at the drop of a hat. My reply to them is, “Its a veterans wife thing you dont understand.”

  3. We learned early on that fire works are a definite no go for my husband. The entire week of the fourth is a sleepless week for us both. The fireworks displays have a tendency to cause flash backs and nightmares. This year we found a place near our home where we could watch them from an overlook on the top of a mountain. We were finally able to enjoy them and not have the stress that usually goes along with it.

  4. Hello, I just came upon your blog today and would love to hear more from you or even some email “pen pals”! I hope your time on deployment went quickly. I recently married a combat vet with PTSD/TBI. He has done 2 tours in Afghanistan and by your description of your husband, sounds like they are two peas in a pod. I would love to encourage you on continuing your blog but if it is too much with your current life, I would love to communicate via email. Please feel free to contact me. Blessings, New Mrs. Kirk

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