Brace yourself for another broken heart…

As I sit back in my chair and let my phone drop to my lap my mind scrambles for more ideas, another way around this, something we can do to win. After a couple months of paperwork my husband just called from work to tell me his recruiter called to tell him he was disqualified for service. They wont let anyone with PTSD or higher than a 30% disability reenlist anymore. They can stay in, but once they’re out they can’t come back. Not even an interview or a chance to prove they are still capable dispite their “disability” just thrown into the pile of “unfits” and “head cases” with everyone else. All he wanted to do, all he’s ever wanted to do is serve his country. Now this label hasn’t just hung over his head like an ugly cloud, it’s cursed him. It’s held him back.  

It started about three months ago while I was away, we’d been talking about him going back in for a while, but it really started when he finally called the recruiters and asked about joining the National Guard. They told him he could be cyber security. Not exactly on par with a bullet-catching Marine but he thought it would be great. Something differen’t, and something he could certainely do. This was the first time I have ever seen him so excited about something. He’s usually so lost and indecisive. No dream has ever been able to replace that of serving. I feel like we haven’t been waiting months for him to return to service but years. Ever since he got out in the first place. He’s never belonged in the civilian world.

Now I sit crying, waiting for him to get home. Thinking what on earth could I possibly say to him to make him feel better this time. How can I comfort and tell him things are going to be ok when they’re simply not. Nothing he does has worked out and every dream he’s had has practically been shot down by the big man upstairs himself. He just wanted to fight for his country but now they’ve used him, thrown him out, and labeled him only to tell him he can’t be of anymore use because they’ve “overused” him. 

Meanwhile I sit at home. With no one to call because no one would understand. I can’t talk to the one person who would about how I feel because this isn’t about me it’s about him. So instead I wait. I cry by myself, try to pick up the house and muster up some cookies. As if that would help. I think and pray and beg for something, anything. God, what on earth will I ever say to mend this broken heart of his? Such a deep contagious wound that’s poured out and broken my own heart and spirit. My heart aches for him and everyone else in his place. But when he gets home I wont tell him this. I wont cry. I won’t let myself need him. Because he needs me…and I’m afraid it’s going to take all I have left to watch him live through this defeat. 


4 thoughts on “Brace yourself for another broken heart…

  1. That is terrible that they are doing that to him. I understand what it is like to have work through these feelings alone because no will understand, friends don’t get, family doesn’t get it, I’ve found therapists don’t even get it. Thank you for reaching out to us through your blog. I hope that your husband can find a way to move forward with purpose. It’s a struggle that is never easy.

    • Thank you..that means a lot…it is hard, you can’t even turn to the one person you normally would cause it would only make him feel worse…ive thought about looking for a counselor but I’ve heard so many bad stories from military spouses I don’t know…I hope he can too, it’ll be a long road ahead, I think this tore the bandaid off some wounds he’s never finished dealing with.

      • We have tried counseling as well, but it is hard to find a good fit. I was seeking counseling outside the military, but I felt like I wasn’t getting any where. I think it would be worth it to at least try counseling. I am not sure if you belong to a specific church, but sometimes they offer counseling as well.

        It is so hard when you cannot talk to your husband. They are already going through so much, that adding more stress just makes things worse. Sometimes I feel like I just have to stuck it up and keep it together for the sake of my family, but other days I just feel like I am going to break.

      • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I even feel guilty for feeling bad cause I think ‘It’s him whose had to suffer and struggle with this where do I get the nerve to think I have anything to feel bad about’…but it really IS hard on us as wives too. I think I will at least try to find counseling…Our church has been wonderful for us, but they don’t have counselors…lots of older veterans though! I wish we had a support group or something around this area.

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