“Oh yeah, he hits me all the time!”

Recently I was working with a couple fellow airman tasked with the wonderful duty of moving a bunch of medical equipment across town to another base where our unit has a storage compartment. I’m fairly new to the squadron and the other girl and I were making small talk on the way over…somehow or another the subject came up and I told her my husband is a Marine vet..the rest of the conversation went like this..


Her – “Oh wow..so does he treat you right?”

Me – “Oh yeah of course..better than I deserve even.”

Her – “That’s great!..that’s pretty rare I know majority of Marines are wife beaters and such ya know.”

(yes, she said she KNOWS this…it was almost comical)

…she then went on to talk about how they’re brainwashed and trained to kill so of course they would seem and be dangerous..I mean how on earth could you possibly tell the difference between a terrorist in a combat zone and your 120lb wife right? And gosh that PTSD stuff must affect the Marines worse or something since the Army Infantryman aren’t inherently wife beaters… Sorry, I have to make a joke of these kinda things in order to keep from telling people they’re ignorant asses to their face..But in light of this I figured I could use it for the better on my blog. A comment like this is simply not as unheard of as one might hope. So I decided to make a little list of myths and truths about all those big bad wife-beating Marines out there…please hold all giggles for the end..


Myth – all Marines are wife beaters

truth – players? sometimes. rough in bed? sure. But majority of Marines don’t need to                    beat women to get what they want….just walk into a San Diego bar on a night the                boys are wearing their blues if you don’t believe me..

Myth – all Marines have bodies that resemble body building icons like Hulk Hogan and The   Rock

truth – with the exception of your occasional moto-pog who actually has the time to drink               creatine 24/7 and go to the gym every night most Marines drink way too much                     booze, eat way too much pizza, and run way too far with way too much equipment             to ever have the ability to resemble anything close to that. And besides…bigger                   bodies make bigger targets.

Myth – all Marines marry fat Mexican chicks or fat white trash (I don’t mean to offend anyone that’s just how the myth goes..)

truth – while many a marine do love good food, and these women make GOOD food…not             ALL marine’s need more “cushin for the pushin”

Myth – all Marines are brainwashed in boot camp

truth – the Marine Corp is too poor to do such things. If any branch was going to have the               funding and ability to experiment with mass brainwashing it would be the                             Airforce…just sayin…oorah

Myth – all Marines are stupid

truth – Walter Cunningham, John Glenn (astronauts…not the first either), Drew Carrey,                 Jerry Coleman, Keith Jackson, Jamey Johnson, Howard Johnson, George Jones,               Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and expert in financial freedom),                 Hugh McColl (former CEO of Bank of America)…I could go on…

Myth – all Marines have moto tattoos and a tattoo of their dog tags on their side

truth – I think I know at least one that doesn’t….







4 thoughts on ““Oh yeah, he hits me all the time!”

  1. Oh my, I don’t think I could of handled that ignorance as well as you. Unfortunately, I suppose there is ignorance in all walks of life, on all topics.

    There is no brain washing in the Air Force’s basic training. They just created more policies against yelling and forcing them to do push-ups as a form of discipline. Money is spent on ridiculous contracts that any idiot knows there is a kickback somewhere, overseas presence, and creating more policies as far as I can tell. LOL.

    The myths that drive me crazy are the stereotypes of wives. Yes, there are some wives that follow suit. However, there are many of us who are educated and have our own careers and believe it or not we are not fat and lazy WT. LOL. Also, the myth that just because you are a military member that you are all gung-ho about our government and everything our country stands for…. for some it is simply a job.

    Anyway, thanks for starting this myth list and spreading the truth! 🙂

    • Oh I know all about the ridiculous policies at AF boot camp I just got out of there several months back…it was sad how easy it’s become that doesn’t prepare anyone for anything…they couldnt even put us on our faces for push ups anymore as punishment! definitely no brainwashing. Lol…thanks for bringing up the military wives that is so true! Ive experienced some of that although never as much as some of the women I know whove actually lived on base…I know the rumor mill can run wild on bases sometimes too. You’re right though most spouses if they don’t already work find a lot to do with their time..my cousin doesn’t have a degree but she takes care of her two boys and homeshools them.she takes them all kinds of places while their dad is gone and she’s always making life a fun adventure for them plus works out everyday lol. Unfortunately people always tend to take the few that stand out in a group and create stigmas that run rampant.

      • Definitely, the rumor-ville is one of the many reasons we live off base and I suppose there are stereotypes for every group of people. Nothing we can do about it, besides be aware of it and disprove it 🙂

  2. I just want to say I appreciate your blog tremendously!! I am married to an Army vet who served in OEF as a combat medic. I will say this the war came home with him when he returned and we have made the best of it and learned a lot about ourselves and each other in the process but life is definitely different now. Thank you for doing what you do! Keep up the good work!!

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