The glass is always half full over here..

First off I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Like many of you I probably won’t be “blogging” for the next couple days…

It’s recently come to my attention through a couple different conversations with people that some may be concerned for my husband and/or I. Because of the nature of my blog I realize it may portray my husband’s and my life as very negative and harsh. Since none of you know us personally and I’ve not really posted anything involving “good days” I can completely understand how our life may come across and I truly appreciate the concern!

I want to put the record straight real quick that while there are some “symptoms” that are daily and constant, the more intense things that happen in the stories about my husband are not typically a daily occurrence. In fact “good days” occur far more often than “bad days” for us personally. Most of the time my husband is completely functional, and if you didn’t spend as much time as I do with him you would never even know he had these struggles. (This goes hand in hand with ‘Why Heroes Hide‘).

Heightened awareness, needing to sit/stand facing the whole room, and needing to be woken gently and not startled awake are some of the constant daily things that will never change. While sometimes frustrating, really nothing debilitating. Nightmares, severe depression, and panic attacks are some of the things that can sometimes happen often and can be triggered on “good days”, but are not constant.

One other thing I want to set straight real quick, and I appreciate that none of my followers have ever judged us like this, but I want to say that PTSD is not scary. Or rather, people with PTSD are not scary. PTSD is very serious, but my husband and those like him are not “dangerous” and I for that matter am never in danger nor “scared” of him.

I want to apologize if my writings have made either of us come off as being in search of pitty, angry, bitter, or that we are not happy or positive people. I want to assure everyone who has expressed care that my husband has sought and used counseling in the past and he is not opposed to it in any way.

This blog is meant to help some people see into a world they may not know or understand and to be a safe and supportive place for those who do understand. If anyone ever has any questions pertaining to anything related to this blog, including my husband’s or my life personally I want you to feel free to ask and I would be glad to answer the best I can ๐Ÿ™‚

On a side note, it’s been a wonderful holiday vacation here in Oregon ๐Ÿ™‚ and I truly appreciate all my followers! You’ve made this a very humble blogging experience. God bless you all!


4 thoughts on “The glass is always half full over here..

  1. I want to put your mind at rest. Maybe it’s because I’m a veteran, but I realize you are just trying to educate the world about PTSD. I don’t think you and your husband have a horrible relationship or that either of you are in danger. What would be the point in posting all the great things in your life if the point of your blog is to explain the effects of PTSD on a soldier and their family? I appreciate what you’re doing and applaud you. It’s not an easy thing to talk about, but I draw strength from your blog that I’m not the only one that goes through certain things. I’m not alone. So thank you and I hope you have a wonderful 2014. All my best and sending healing thoughts, prays and blessings to you. ~ Heather

    • Thank you! and I am glad that our story helps! I never really thought about exactly WHO (spouses, vets, ext) I wanted my blog to reach out to. I also never really realized how much it helps myself just to share and to hear from other veterans and spouses who understand our life. But I am so glad I am able to connect with you too! I know how you feel as it has definately helped me to be able to hear from others going through the same thing as us. I hope your New Years was great and many blessings to you, your family, AND your business as well this 2014 =)

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