Wow Twice in One Day! I am truly blessed…

Wow is all I can say! I am extremely humbled and honored that my blog has been nominated twice now for the Liebster Award. This time by fellow blogger and a veteran Winkandasmile =) Go check her sight out, she is a disabled veteran fighting to help other veterans in any way she can! She posts and makes amazing cupcakes with her company, some that leave your mouth watering just looking at the picture 😉

Here are the questions she gave me:

1. Why/How did you become a blogger? I’ve heard about blogging before and decided one day that it would be a great way for me to start to spread awareness of combat veterans and their families as well as gather my thoughts for my book ‘Why Heroes Hide’

2. Why did you pick your particular subject to blog about? I chose this subject because it is very dear to my heart. The military/veteran lifestyle intrigues me and those people involved hold a special place in my heart. Don’t ask me why, I wasn’t born a military brat or anything, it’s just what God placed in my heart. We all have our passions. This specific subject I chose because it is the closest to my heart and being married to my husband who is a combat veteran with PTSD it is the part of this world I know best.


3. Do you or have you participated in Random Acts of Kindness? How do/did you feel afterwards? I have volunteered, given to causes (for example the orphanage in Honduras that our home church sponsors, and done other things that called out to me. I always feel like I could do more! But helping people, especially when I don’t HAVE to, makes me feel good. It’s a psychologically and Biblically backed truth that helping others feel good makes you feel good!


4. Who is your hero and why? One of my heroes is definitely my husband. I look up to him every day and truly admire what he’s done for myself, his family, and our country.


5. Have you ever gone through a very traumatic event? How did you or are you dealing with it? I haven’t gone through any “one-time” kinda traumatic event in my life. At least nothing I feel that’s been worse than the average life. However; my childhood could be deemed “traumatic” by psychologists standards. My mother has a lot of mental illnesses and I grew up with her using me as an emotional leaning post. Telling me things kids my age never should hear like how she wished my father was dead sometimes. (He wasn’t a bad guy but they pushed each others buttons and I don’t remember them ever liking or loving each other…they fought everyday in high volumes). Anyways, it’s made it so my heart is full of quite a bit of resentment for her, I can’t be emotional or physical with her very well, and I don’t even like positive emotion from her. I love my mother but it’s caused damage, some that with the help of my husband and sometimes counselors I’m slowly realizing and learning to deal with. Not necessarily related but I also have suffered an eating disorder since I was 14 years old and while that’s not a traumatic event it is certainly life altering.


6. How do you feel about our current military soldiers and our veterans? I could talk all day about the subject! I wish more people in this country would REALLY honor and care for them and at least try to understand what they go through. They’re truly my biggest passion =)


7. If you could help one group of people, who would it be? And why? I would work to help veterans (especially wounded and combat), military personnel, and their families. It’s what I hope to do with a degree in psychology someday and in any other way I can.


8. If you could go back in time and change any part of your life, would you? If yes, what would you change? There are certainly a lot of mistakes and things I would change. I would probably take more advantage of my high school years and even some of my early adult years before I met my husband. I would care less about a lot of things and care more about others!


9. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself through blogging? I have learned that when I really put my mind to it I can write and explain what I really mean. I’ve also learned through others kind words that the issue I talk about and the lifestyle I’ve married into with my husband really is challenging and I’m not just being a big baby when I get stressed out about it sometimes.


10. Would you still blog even if you had no followers? Why? Yes. While I would love as many followers and readers as I can, ones that really want to listen, if I had none I would still blog because it is still helping me gather my thoughts and practice writing as well as providing me a safe outlet when I need it.


Again thank you so much for nominating me =) and thank you to all my readers for following and listening!




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