Excuse or Reason? PTSD and physical abuse – Daily Prompt – Perspective

A couple days ago while my ridiculously overactive brain was wondering mercilessly at work an issue came to mind about military men/women and  physical abuse at home. The question in my head formed and I decided I really wanted my husband’s, a combat veteran and Marine, point of view so I asked..

“Obviously someone just being a straight up physically abusive spouse is NEVER ok. But what do you think of people who are just straight up abusers outside (or inside without combat experience) the military vs. someone with PTSD that blacks out or has a flashback and hits their spouse vs. someone with PTSD who does NOT black out but is dealing with PTSD and gets pushed too far, angry, and loses their cool and suddenly hits their spouse?”

Now I realize that’s a LOADED question and  mouthful. Through our discussion I also wondered and asked, “How does one (say a therapist) deacifer the difference between a man with PTSD/TBI having anger issues resulting in any form of abuse as someone who is not that kind of person and never would have been otherwise vs. someone who would have been an abuser with or without PTSD but PTSD May have just triggered it to start?”

I know the second question is a little confusing and I apologize. Im not going to write about how I feel on this issue or what my husband’s opinions were in this post because I’m still doing some more research and thinking of how I want to address that issue; however, I know you must be wondering how this pertains to the daily post prompt.

Firstly just being on the subject of perspective ones perspective on this issue will of course greatly vary based on whether or not the person has direct experience with abuse, no experience with military or ptsd, or does in fact have experience with the military and/or ptsd and veterans.

Secondly my perspective on physical abuse is in line with most of our opinions. While I think the abuser could certainly use help and counseling, I in no way shape or form excuse physical abuse and I hate it. However, when it comes to men and women suffering from PTSD/TBI and certain cases of reintegration back into society after war my perspective is a whole lot different because of someone I love and cherish. My husband.

Feel free to stay tuned for my future post discussing this issue..Also feel free to leave any insights pertaining to these questions or perspectives, I realize this is dipping into a very sensitive subject and I hope no one who has been or is linked to a victim of abuse feels I do not support you in any way shape or form or that I am trying to belittle your experiences. That is in no way my goal with this post nor my opinion. 


10 thoughts on “Excuse or Reason? PTSD and physical abuse – Daily Prompt – Perspective

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  6. Thank you very much for your post. It is very valuable do go deeper and find the roots. I will try to expand the subject and my understanding in my blog https//fibromyalgiaandveterans.wordpress.com Your perspecive is very precious. I would like to introduce my perspective of being abused by father-polytical prisoneer, mother-wife of him, living in the family deeply wounded because of the war (my uncle was killed as a soldier-in-command of soldiers during the Warsaw Uprising (1944), so the impact of trauma and social(individual and group abuse) was generational. It is worthy to understand how generational abuse affects our families and next generations (also quality of life). It is also very important to release from us these deeply rooted wounds not to transmit them into next generations.Very sensitive subject
    Thank you very much for bringing it to the public.

    • Thank you so much for your point of view! I really appreciate it 🙂 I’m curious to learn more about your perspective and even more on this issue as I’ve never personally had to deal with it…my husband has had some angry outbursts brought on by ptsd but never hit or abused me..He has hit others before when he first got back in a flight or flight kind of situation (at least that’s how his brain interpreted it) so like I said I’m really curious to know more from your point of view…did you say you are going to write more about it on your blog?

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